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Annia Raja, PhD

About Dr. Raja

Annia Raja, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who specializes in working with adults, couples, and families. Her main therapeutic orientation is psychodynamic, which focuses on building a deeper understanding of how past experiences influence current struggles. Her work goes beyond targeting symptoms and aims to help people find greater satisfaction in life, unlock their personal and creative potential, and strengthen their relationships with themselves and others.

Dr. Raja believes that building insight into longstanding patterns is a pivotal aspect of one’s journey towards a richer and more fulfilling life. In therapy, she works to help her clients better understand the complex nature of their personal and relational patterns and behaviors, which are often both protective and problematic. This is done through self-exploration within a safe, compassionate, and collaborative therapeutic relationship between patient and therapist, which serves as the means for fostering deep and lasting change and growth. 

Dr. Raja completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and APA-accredited internship at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, as well as her APA-accredited postdoctoral fellowship at the Dallas VA Medical Center. Prior to her graduate work, she obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology, as well as a Bachelors of Business in Finance, from the University of Texas at Austin. Throughout her clinical training, Dr. Raja gained extensive experience working with a diverse array of clients in a variety of settings, and her work integrates knowledge and training in psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal/relational, insight-oriented, and health-focused approaches. 

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Raja, please contact her directly at 469-708-9189 or