Dallas Therapy Associates (DTA) is a premiere, multi-specialty group mental health private practice. We are comprised of uniquely talented therapists who are passionate about their work and are committed to offering the highest-quality mental health treatment and support. DTA providers serve individuals, couples, and families navigating challenges and seeking balance in their life.

Our philosophy is to help each individual and family maximize their strengths and restore. DTA takes pride in offering a non-judgmental, relaxed, compassionate, and safe environment. As a group, we consider the study of human development, the mind and human interactions our passion. Individually, we are well versed in a variety of treatment approaches and have a diverse clinical background that allows us to serve each patient with the unique care they need.

Our work goes beyond targeting certain symptoms; we aim to help people find meaning and purpose in their lives, unlock creative potential, and strengthen relationships with themselves and others. We fundamentally believe in the process of change and enjoy contributing to healthy transitional periods and life changes.

Humans are complex and often unaware of the many forces driving or limiting them. We strive toward a mutual contract between therapist and client aimed in alleviating the client's suffering and helping them to live more realistic and satisfying lives.

Our providers are independent mental health practitioners who offer therapy and assessment to children, adolescents, and adults. Each DTA provider is guided by his or her own philosophy and training, and uses approaches tailored to each patient’s unique situation. We offer a safe and open atmosphere free of judgement and grounded in authenticity.