Psychotherapy Rates

  • Initial Intake Session - $225.00

  • Individual Therapy - $200.00

  • Play Therapy - $200.00

  • Couples Therapy - $225.00 to $275.00 per session

  • Group Therapy - rates vary depending on group

Cost of the session includes completing associated paperwork for each visit and any communication to your other doctors/therapists regarding your direct treatment.  Any request for forms, letters, records, or documents (including paperwork for disability and legal matters) not directly related to your current or past treatment will be billed at a rate of $200/hour in 5-minute increments.

Assessment Rates

Our psychological assessments are determined by your specific needs and can alter the rate depending on a variety of factors. These factors may include (but not limited to): number of tests administered, clinical interviews and feedback, review of records, and/or consultation with other professionals.

Our average range of price for a psychological assessment is $1500 - $2000.

While most insurance plans offer coverage for psychological assessments, each plan is unique in its specific coverage. DTA will work with you to determine your plan’s benefit coverage for psychological assessments and the expected rate.

Insurance Rates

Dallas Therapy Associates (DTA) believes in affordable and accessible mental health care and has chosen to offer various insurance plans as an In-Network Provider. Most, but not all, of our providers are in-network with many plans, however insurance availability for each provider can vary.

The following is a list of accepted insurance carriers across our practice. In-network coverage for each clinician in our practice varies. If you are interested in using your insurance with a particular clinician, please reach out to that clinician directly to inquire further.

  • Aetna

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield

  • Cigna

  • Multiplan

  • Meritain

  • PHCS

  • Scott and White Health Plan

  • Out of Network

Dallas Therapy Associates is also able to submit out-of-network claims on your behalf if the provider you wish to see is not in-network. Many clients are often surprised their insurance provides out-of-network benefits for therapy. Out-of-network reimbursement would be based on your individual benefits, and it is your responsibility to confirm whether your provider is considered in-network or out-of-network with your plan.

DTA is available to provide assistance in helping you receive the benefits to which you are entitled; however, if your clinician is an out-of-network provider, or if your insurance plan does not provide reimbursement for the service you are seeking (for any reason), you (not your insurance company) are responsible for full payment. While your provider may assist you in obtaining a quote of your benefits, it is ultimately your responsibility to verify that this quote is accurate and to ensure you understand the scope of your benefits. Additionally, a quote of benefits is not a verification and insurance reimbursements are based on actual information and claims submitted and is subject to eligibility, terms, limitations, and exclusions of your health care program.

Should you choose to file claims to your insurance, please be aware your contract with the health insurance company requires claims include information relevant to the services rendered.  Providers are required to include a clinical diagnosis and sometimes additional clinical information which may include copies of your entire Clinical Record. In such situations, your clinician will make every effort to release only the minimum information that is necessary for the purpose requested. Dallas Therapy Associates has no control over what the insurance company will do with it once it is in their possession.

Cancellation Policy

Once an appointment is scheduled, that time is reserved only for you. If you are unable to attend a session, contact your provider at least 48-hours in advance and there will be no charge. For sessions missed or cancelled with less than 48-hours notice, 75 % of the regular fee will apply. The only exceptions to this policy are inclement weather (ice), a death in the family, or what you and your individual provider may have agreed upon. 

If you miss or cancel an appointment without providing 48 hours’ notice and are unable to reschedule within the same week, you, not your insurance company, will be required to pay the cancellation fee at time of original scheduled appointment.